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Information for Prospective Candidates for Membership in the Print Club of Cleveland

The Print Club of Cleveland was founded in 1919 and is the oldest support group of The Cleveland Museum of Art. Its goal is “to stimulate interest in and appreciation of old and contemporary prints, to augment by purchase and gift the print collection of The Cleveland Museum of Art, and to encourage private collection.”

The club consists of roughly 250 members. The club annually distributes to its members a publication print which has been commissioned by the club. Membership is defined as an individual member, a member and spouse or a member and companion. Dues are $250.00 annually.

The following are requirements for membership in the Print Club:

  • A prospective member must be a member of The Cleveland Museum of Art.
  • A prospective member must be sponsored by a current member and must have one endorser.
  • A prospective member must have attended two Print Club events.

The Print Club sponsors an Annual Fine Print Fair which brings top dealers from across the United States to Cleveland in the fall of each year. Other Print Club events include:

  • The Annual Meeting where the presentation print is distributed
  • Gallery talks at CMA
  • House tours of members’ homes to view their collections
  • Special lectures by visiting curators or printmakers
  • The Print Club sponsors trips throughout the United States and abroad. The club also takes day trips to nearby cities. During these trips, members tour museums, galleries and private collections.

The club's publications may be helpful in learning about the club and publication print history.

Sponsors, please log in to the members area for complete instructions on the application process

Here are PDF membership forms that are fillable. Once complete, save as a PDF, and send them to Chad Jira at (Note the forms are not fillable in your browser – you will need to fill out the form with Adobe Acrobat Reader program.)

Membership Application
Sponsor Questionnaire
Info for Applicants

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