The Print Club of Cleveland Presentation Print Catalogs

The Red, Blue and Purple Books present the history of the Print Club of Cleveland's annual publication prints.

The Print Club of Cleveland Red BookThe Red Book

The Red Book is currently out of print.
The book is currently available here:
Print Club's Red Book (PDF format, 21MB)

The Blue Book

To buy the Blue Book contact the Print Club liaison at 216-707-2669 or use our contact form.

The Print Club of Cleveland: 100 Years, 1919-2019The Purple Book

The Print Club has published The Print Club of Cleveland, 100 Years 1919-2019. This book contains full color reproductions of the prints on display and all other prints commissioned by the club, a total of 111. The book also contains a list of gifts from 1994-2016 given to the Cleveland Museum of Art by the club and illustrations of 50 of the most prominent gifts in the museum’s collection. The hard cover book was printed and bound in Spain by SYL L’Art Grafic Premium, S.L. This limited-edition book may be purchased while supplies last at the Cleveland Museum of Art store or from the Print Club, for $45 per copy plus shipping.
Inquiries to Alex Czajkowski,

The Print Club of Cleveland About ArtistsAbout Artists

The Print Club of Cleveland's About Artists is the definitive guide to all Print Club publication prints spanning from 1924 to the present. About Artists contains biographies of each artist including a detailed description of their publication print. This book is available for $25.00 through The Print Club of Cleveland and can be purchased by contacting Alex Czajkowski ( at The Cleveland Museum of Art, 216-707-2669, or use our contact form.