Annual Presentation Prints

2018 Presentation Print

The Print Club’s 2018 presentation print is Zelda by Clarence Morgan. Learn more here.

2017 Presentation Print

The Print Club’s 2017 presentation print is Cleveland by Richard Pasquarelli. Learn more here.

2016 Presentation Print

White Head Eagle
The Print Club’s 2016 presentation print is White Head Eagle by Katsunori Hamanishi. Learn more here.

2015 Presentation Print

Hawthorne Place
The Print Club’s 2015 presentation print is Hawthorne Place by Dan Rizzie. Learn more here.

2014 Presentation Print

As We Were
The Print Club’s 2014 presentation print is As We Were by Art Werger. Learn more here.

2013 Presentation Print

Zebra with Cherry and Fava Bean
The Print Club’s 2013 presentation print is Zebra with Cherry and Fava Bean by Sherrie Wolf. Learn more here.

2012 Presentation Print

The Gray-Green Bottle
The Print Club’s 2012 presentation print is The Gray-Green Bottle by Bill Scott. Learn more here.

2011 Presentation Print

The Print Club’s 2011 presentation print is Coquillage by Michel Estebe. Learn more here.

2010 Presentation Print

Dining Room with Horse Painting
The Print Club’s 2010 presentation print is Dining Room with Horse Painting by Julia Jacquette. Learn more here.

2009 Presentation Print

Morning Mist, Heath Township
The Print Club’s 2009 presentation print is Morning Mist, Heath Township by Micah Schwaberow. Learn more here.

2008 Presentation Print

Peace Makes Plenty
The Print Club’s 2008 presentation print is Peace Makes Plenty by Cheryl Warrick. Learn more here.